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In three months we will be celebrating the holiday season, with Christmas just around the corner.  Summer is fast approaching here in Australia and it is time for the next Net Worth update, following on from the H1 2019 update, which was my first.

The last three months for me personally have been focussed on two things primarily, starting my IT Consulting business (or at least trying to build up number of leads) and AFL!  With me following my team around the country 🙂  Albeit, it wasn’t the end to the season that was hoping for, it was still a great reason to get a little bit of travel and see the extended family while I was at it.

Down to the numbers: Net Worth Q3 2019

As mentioned previously, the template I used for this was sourced from Aussie FireBug.  And although I am not tracking it daily, it is keeping me engaged and helping me to focus on my own portfolio.

As I mentioned last month, I am really starting out with my personal savings and investments.

However, I have been an early advocate re: contributing extra % to my super via salary sacrifice.  As in my 20’s I was contributing an extra few % out of each pay slip, leveraging matched payments from my employer.  This was something I tried to maintain right up until my last job where I was fortunate enough to be able to afford to contribute up to 20% of my salary for the last year I was there.

Now being self-employed and starting my business, the focus is really just on managing basic cash flow – and making ends meet.  So that strategy will take a little bit of a back seat until I can increase the revenue of the business.

Q3 recap – what happened in the world over the last three months?

Well here in Australia, the Reserve Bank of Australia has now dropped interest rates to a low of 0.75%, catching up to our ‘peers’ internationally with very low interest rates.  And this obviously means banks are following suite with savings accounts/mortgages/etc… 

Personally, I am not quite sure the purpose of dropping interest rates to stimulate the economy – when the banks aren’t passing on the full rate cuts… 

And to see the Federal Government focussing on simply trying to achieve a budget surplus, for the sake of saying they achieved it politically, leaving the RBA to pick up the slack – is a dangerous move.  But that is just my uneducated opinion re: the macro politics involved at the moment.

Additionally, we have still had very limited progress during Q3 solving the bigger problems of Brexit and US-China Trade.  So there has been a fair amount of uncertainty and collective holding breathes.

Due to this, commodities like gold have been increasing, with around +12% variation over the last 3mths.  Additionally this uncertainty appears to be  reflected in the overall ASX200 index movement over the last three months:


ASX 200 over the last three months rolling (Source: ASX Charting)
ASX 200 Index performance over the last 3 months (Source: ASX Charting)

Now having said all this, there is jack-squat that we can do about these macro trends, and personally I am not making investment decisions based on these trends. 

But I do want to try and capture a bit of context about the overarching macro trends during the timeframe I am reviewing, if nothing more than for future prosperity purposes. 


Overall Net Worth Q3 2019

Personally, there wasn’t much change overall re: net worth this quarter.  With my overall figure holding pretty much steady. 

Worth noting, that pre-2019 in the chart below, has been estimated the best I could manage.

The overall breakdown of asset allocation is unchanged when including Super/Pension (as it is the bulk of my Net Worth):

Net Worth Q3: Overall Breakdown

So, excluding Super – which I have very little control over at the moment – gives me a better idea of my asset mix as it stands this month:

Net Worth Q3: Breakdown excluding Super

I have just started using CommSec Pocket to buy into International Share ETF (ASX: NDQ) using the automated savings/investment option.  This is fulfilling my Dollar-Cost Averaging, by automatically investing each month for me.

Additionally I am contributing a small amount each month into P2P lending as well.  Which is averaging around 6-8% (though this is on the longer term investments).  

So even though I am a little limited currently when it comes to salary.  I at least have something being squirrelled away regularly, regardless of how little, until I can hopefully afford to increase this.

Portfolio Value – Q3 2019

Looking at the Portfolio excluding Super, versus cash invested.  You can see the red line going up each month, this is where I have already accounted for the small monthly increases which are automatically being invested/saved:

Overall Portfolio Value vs Cash Invested

Wrap Up

The portfolio is still very much in its infancy, its not even a year old… But with regular investments and a bit of luck re: macro trends, hopefully I can look forward to seeing the two lines continue to diverge from each other.

Now I know when the next bust comes, this will change the overall value of the portfolio.   But this is why I am trying to Dollar-Cost Average, through good and bad.  To just keep focussed on the longer-term goal of becoming Financially Independent. 

What about you?

Do you Dollar-Cost Average, or how are you progressing towards Financial Independence? 

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